Educational Webinars and Eco Changemakers Interviews

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1. Rewilding Yourself: The Healing Power of Nature Connection

Discover how nature can heal us and why learning from nature can help us grow and thrive in challenging times.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn you can rewild and heal your mind, body, and spirit while connecting people in your community with the ecology of Planet Earth.

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2. Eco Changemakers: Interviews With Ecological Teachers

Listen to our interviews from the Eco Changemakers Virtual Summit we hosted in June 2019.

Learn from some of the leading teachers of ecology, nature connection and consciousness exploration practices.

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3. Ekstasis: Ancient History, Mystery Rites and Exploring Your Perception

Come on a 1-hour journey through history back to the ancient roots of human culture, language, and religious experience. 

Learn about consciousness-expanding rituals and reconnecting with the creative intelligence of nature.

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