Explore Your Senses By Practicing Eco-Mindfulness

Go beyond the compulsive thinking of your analytical mind to experience the natural world more directly through your senses and feelings.

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Explore your sensory awareness and your perception of the world.

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Feel the "felt presence" of your immediate experience in your body.

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Connect your senses into a single immersive awareness experience.

Eco-Mindfulness And Immersive Forest Meditation

Explore different sensory channels to tune your awareness into as you are hiking and exploring in the forest.

Bringing your full attention to your immediate sensory experience can invoke power states of awe and wonder, which diminishes your sense of separation and makes you feel more alive.

1. Sight

Explore your most dominate sense by paying attention to the colors, textures, patterns, the movement of trees in the wind and the interplay of light and shadows in your environment.

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2. Sound

Tune into your sense of smell by listening closely to bird songs, the sounds of animals and the flow of the breeze moving through the forest.

3. Smell

Stop and smell the flowers, pick up a handful of dirt and smell the loamy soil that gives life and pay close attention to the scents flowing on the currents of the air around you.

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4. Taste

With the right knowledge, many leaves, acorns, fruit and bark of trees is edible. Many wild edible plants and mushroom contain different textures and tastes than what is available in the supermarket.

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5. Touch

Explore the world around by touching the bark of trees, feeling the smoothness of leaves, touching the textured rocks and running your hands through the dirt.

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6. Depth Perception

Climb a hill or a mountain and sit for a period of time to marvel at the objects in the distance and the topography of the land toward the horizon.

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7. Proprioception

Proprioception is your sense of your body in time and space. It is a powerful sense for ground yourself in your body and noticing the flow of how you move through the world.

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8. Deep Embodiment

You can also combine your sensory channels into a single flow of immersive awareness and embodied movement known as states of deep embodiment.

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