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About Animist Ecology

Our mission is improve the human-nature relationship through regenerative ecology and experiential learning practices.

Animist Ecology Photo Gallery

Photos from our educational nature retreats and experiential learning adventures.


About The Guide

I'm passionate about bringing education back to nature and learning through direct experience, conversation and group storytelling.

Kyle Pearce is from Vancouver, British Columbia and he has been designing and leading experiential learning adventures, nature immersion retreats, and forest ecology workshops through Animist Ecology since 2015.

He studied ancient and modern history at the University of Victoria and has spent the last decade traveling the world studying ancient civilizations, ecology and meditation with teachers from around the world. 

For the last 7 years, he has run an online learning website called DIY Genius where he teaches people how to design their own education and develop their focus, creativity and self-motivation using Flow Psychology.

He is passionate about experiential learning and taking learning beyond books, tests and lectures and back into the forest where people can learn through direct experience, group conversation and storytelling.

The Story of Animist Ecology

Animist Ecology began as a forest meditation workshop in Stanley Park in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia in 2015.

After teaching meditation and flow psychology for a few years, I decided to teach my first forest meditation workshop in Stanley Park in the Spring of 2015.

I've always gone to nature to unplug, relax and reconnect so that lead to me learning and teaching forest meditation and ecology.

I did my first retreat abroad in Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2017 and since then I've been leading retreats and experiential learning adventures around the world.

I believe that nature is our best teacher and in these times of climate breakdown the most important knowledge is built through developing a better relationship with the natural world.

My interest in nature connection and animistic knowledge developed out of my desire to develop a deeper sense of place and connection to nature.

Today, I regularly host nature retreats, work with ecological teachers to help them reach a wider audience, host nature documentary screenings and crowdfund reforestation projects.

Browse Our Educational Guides

Browse our ecology learning guides to learn more about eco-mindfulness, the history of animism, and rewilding forest ecosystems.


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