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Explore The Kingdom of Fungi

Discover the hidden world under your feet of fungal webs of mycelium, an interconnected web of life that is essential to terrestrial biodiversity.

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Join us the morning of Sunday, November 10th from 10 am - 1 pm.


In the beautiful Kerncliff Park forest along the Niagara Escarpment in Burlington, Ontario.


Explore the crucial role of fungi in the forest and the interconnected relationship between trees, plants and fungi.

Why Learn About Mushrooms?

Learn more about the crucial role mushrooms play in forest ecosystems in this awe-inspiring trailer for the film Fantastic Fungi.


Learn Eco-Mindfulness and Explore The Interconnected Ecology of Southern Ontario

Come explore the ecology of our local Carolinian forests and develop a better understanding of the interconnected world of trees, plants, animals, birds and fungi.

When most people walk through a forest they see very few mushrooms.

To find mushrooms, you have to know where to look and also ground yourself in the living presence of mindful awareness to tune your senses into your environment.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to tune into your senses using eco-mindfulness practices so you can gain a better intuitive sense where the mushrooms grow.

Fungi is the missing link that invisibility interconnects trees and plants in the soil. The billion year long story of fungi mycelium has result in the terraforming of the Earth, which has made the miracle of life and terrestrial biodiversity possible.

Yet very little is known about them... they are one of nature's enduring mysteries and now the science of mycology is showing us how a better understanding of fungi can help us heal ourselves and restore our environment.

If you're curious about mushrooms, you won't want to miss this workshop.

You'll learn how to start identifying and cataloging local mushrooms species so you can improve your pattern recognition skills.

The indigenous northern peoples of Canada, Europe, Russia, and Siberia have collected mushrooms in the fall for thousands of years to strengthen their bodies, balance their minds and boost their immune systems during the long, cold and dark days of winter.

This workshop will help you better adapt to your environment by exploring the scientific research into how medicinal mushrooms can increase energy and fortify the human immune system to thrive during Canada's long, harsh winters.

We'll cover important medicinal mushrooms that grow in our local Carolinian forests such as Turkey Tail, Oyster Mushrooms and Lion's Mane, and their well-studied healing compounds that are adaptogenic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune-stimulatory, and mood-elevating.

To continue deepening your knowledge and understanding after this Mushroom Ecology workshop, you will find get our Visual Mushroom Guides for identifying Winter and Fall Mushrooms and our 50-page Mushroom Ecology Guide that covers the major edible and medicinal mushrooms that are found throughout the forests of the North Hemisphere.

Come explore one of the most beautiful forests in Southern Ontario along the Niagara Escarpment in Burlington's Kerncliff Park.

What You Will Learn At This Workshop:

We found 17 species of mushrooms on our last workshop on November 2nd (view them on our Instagram).

Here's what you will come away from this workshop with:

1. An understanding of the most commonly found wild mushrooms in the fall and winter.

2. How to grow your own mushroom medicine or buy them inexpensively from local suppliers or online.

3. How you can start ethically foraging wild mushrooms in a way that actually increases biodiversity and where you can do it safely and legally in Southern Ontario.

4. Learn eco-mindfulness practices to help you ground yourself in your breath, the four elements of life and more fully tune into your immediate sensory experience in your body.

5. Gain a better understanding of the human relationship with fungi and how they could be the missing link we need to create an ecological civilization.

Fungi is nature's organic recycling and detoxification system. Studying the living wisdom of fungi in the forest can help you lead both a healthier and more sustainable existence.

The workshop goes rain or shine. Please dress appropriately with lots of layers for the weather and wear good hiking shoes.

We will be focusing on mushroom identification during this workshop and we won't be foraging any mushrooms. You will learn how to find where you can forage on Crown Land in the province of Ontario.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is from Vancouver, British Columbia and he has been designing and leading experiential learning adventures, nature immersion retreats, and forest ecology workshops through Animist Ecology since 2015.

He studied ancient and modern history at the University of Victoria and has spent the last decade traveling the world studying ancient civilizations, ecology and meditation with teachers from around the world. 

For the last 7 years, he has run an online learning website called DIY Genius helping people educate themselves using the Internet. He also teaches video storytelling and runs conscious leadership retreats called Story Tribes.

He is passionate about experiential learning and taking learning beyond books, tests and lectures and back into the forest where people can learn through direct experience, group conversation and the magic of storytelling.

About The Location

This mushroom workshop ecology will be taking place in Kerncliff Park in the city of Burlington, a 45-minute drive from Toronto. We will be meeting at the main parking lot just off Kerns Road.

Join This Eco-Mindfulness and Mushroom Ecology Workshop

Tickets are only available online through our website. Join our group on Sunday, November 10th from 10 am - 1 pm.

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3-Hour Fall Mushroom Ecology Workshop

60-Page Mushroom Ecology Learning Guide.

Fall and Winter Mushroom Identification Guides

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3-Hour Fall Mushroom Ecology Workshop

60-Page Mushroom Ecology Learning Guide.

Fall and Winter Mushroom Identification Guides

Sold Out

"I went on one of Kyle's meditation and foraging workshops in a local forest last fall and I was immediately hooked. Kyle not only chose a beautiful place to learn and meet like minded people, but has the education and charisma that left me more curious and has peaked my interest in mushrooms not only as a chef but for their amazing medicinal properties and their pivotal part in food sustainability. Kyle is engaged, entertaining and open minded. I could go on and on about going to this workshop I don't know what I expected but it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning and would recommend participating in anything Kyle has to offer because his passion about mushrooms is magnetic! "

Dana M.

"I enjoyed the retreat immensely and the knowledge gained/processed in a short time was enlightening and encouraging. There is much to learn about the amazing world we live in and our connection at the core to nature. We are nature! I mostly enjoyed the "gnosis" that happened while experiencing my learning together with all the other participants. Kyle was awesome at keeping the learning experiential and engaging and allowing everyone to contribute to the learning based on their journey of animism and personal connections with nature. I highly recommend this retreat to further your awareness of the forgotten knowledge of trees and mushrooms and leave feeling inspired that collectively we can form a deeper relationship with nature and others."

Clara F.

"My experience at the mushroom ecology workshop with Kyle was a great introduction into a vast new world of connections. The workshop was ideal for every level, as Kyle catered to the unique interests of all individuals that day. Kyle has a depth of knowledge that spans beyond pure mushroom ecology which creates a very dynamic experience. We were able to find many different species of mushrooms and identify them with Kyle's expertise. Kyle also provided a dense list of references and review from the session so there was no pressure to take notes and tons of resources to consult after the session! The forest meditation was an awesome experience and one that I have added to my meditation practices and can practice on my own. Kyle did a fantastic job making a connection with everyone and ensuring all questions were answered. He is so knowledgable on so many topics that he is able to add context to the geographic location, the ecology of the forest and even some anthropologic history. All around a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone regardless of their level of mushroom knowledge/interest."

Brittany B.

The Healing Power of Nature Connection

Watch our free 30-minute webinar on how nature connection and learning the ecology of the land can both heal your mind, body and spirit while also helping you grow a regenerative culture in your community.


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