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Start learning about your local ecosystems, build good habits that stick and live a more sustainable life in closer balance with nature.

1. Keystone Habits

Build foundational "keystone habits" that have a ripple effect across your life helping you break habits and live with more health and vitality.

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2. Sustainable Living Guide

Discover what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy more free time with you friends and family while spending less money and living more sustainably.

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3. What Is Animism?

Explore the sensory magic, the mystery of life and the very ancient historical roots of the world's oldest way of living in connection with the living, breathing Earth called Animism. 

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4. Rewilding The Earth

Planting 1 trillion trees is possibly the best way to restore the global forest that maintains the Gaian equilibrium of Planet Earth. Simple grassroot solutions that empower communities to go directly to the heart of today's global ecological crisis. 

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