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Flow With Natural Rhythms

Learn your local ecology, develop eco-mindfulness practices and build new habits that reconnect your life with the creative flow of natural rhythms.

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Experiential Learning Through All Your Senses

Build habits and daily rituals that expand your awareness and build your ecological knowledge.

Our experiential learning program is designed to guide you through the process of developing your ecological knowledge and the confidence you need to teach and share eco-mindfulness anywhere.

The learning curriculum has grown out of doing educational nature retreats and forest ecology workshop experience for the last 4 years through Animist Ecology.

Follow our step-by-step habit formation frameworks to reverse the negative effects of sedentary living and strengthen nature connection in your life, family, and community.

Our belief is the forest is the classroom of the future and our mission is to train a new generation of nature connected teachers and leaders.


How Our Eco-Mindfulness Training MembershipWorks

Follow our experiential learning modules anywhere on your smartphone or tablet to build new habits and learn your local ecology.

Video Modules

Watch step-by-step videos that guide you though the process of designing new habits and rituals that stick.


Get a mentor and accountability partner through our online community to keep you accountable.

Online Support

Get your questions answered with online support through email and Messenger chat.

Habit Frameworks

Complete habit design assessments that follow proven frameworks for growing new habits.

Learn Anywhere

Use your smartphone as a learning tool and citizen science platform to explore your local ecosystem.


Watch our regular webinars where we explore deeper into topics chosen by the community and seasonal changes.

About The Guide

Kyle Pearce is from Vancouver, British Columbia and he has been designing and leading experiential learning adventures through Animist Ecology since 2015.

He studied ancient and modern history at the University of Victoria and has spent the last decade traveling the world studying ancient civilizations, regeneratiecology and meditation practices.

For the last 7 years, he has run an online learning website called DIY Genius helping people educate themselves using the Internet and design their own education.

The Eco-Mindfulness Curriculum:

Our focus is on experiential learning at your own pace. Build new habits and develop ecological knowledge by learning through all of your senses.

1. Keystone Habits

To transform your mind, body and spirit you must focus religiously on daily habits and rituals.

Habit design is the science of how to build habits that stick and it’s essential for helping your students get long-term results.

Establish the keystone habits that transform lives: meditation, exercise, nutrition, deep sleep and nature connection.

  1. Building Keystone Habits
  2. Tiny Habits and Behavior Design
  3. Understanding The Habit Forming Loop
  4. Creating An Actionable Plan
  5. Habit Stacking and Designing Daily Rituals

2. Mushroom Ecology

While most people know very little about fungi, fungal mycelium created the conditions for the evolution of terrestrial life and it plays a crucial role in regenerating soil.
Develop your knowledge of fungi as the decomposition and sustainably engine of nature and see how knowledge of mushrooms can help save the Planet.
You will learn how to identify important mushrooms in the forest and grow edible and medicinal mushrooms sustainably at home.
  1. Why Mushrooms For Healing And Medicine?
  2. The Ancient History of Mushrooms
  3. The Medicinal Properties of Mushrooms
  4. 10 Most Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms For Improving Health
  5. Biohacking With Medicinal Mushrooms
  6. Growing Your Own Medicinal Mushrooms Indoors On Substrates
  7. Growing Your Own Medicinal Mushrooms Outdoors on Logs
  8. Mushroom Hunting: Mushroom Identification Guides For Each Season
  9. Mycoremediation: How Mushrooms Can Eat Plastic, Oil and Other Toxic Pollutants

3. Plant Intelligence

Nature provides with each season what we need to flourish and nourish our bodies and minds.
Plants and trees have a form of intelligence we are only beginning to understand and they offer many ways to improve our health through natural herbs and medicines.
Learn how to identify edible and medicinal plants in your area and how to sustainably grow these plants at home or in a community garden.

1. Citizen Scientist and DIY Naturalist Training

2. Wild Nutrition: The Seasonal Rhytmn of Edible Plants and Medicinal Herbs

3. Plant Sentience: Exploring Natural Intelligence In The Plant Kingdom

4. Winter Survivor Plants and Early Spring Foraging

5. The Natural History of Trees and Plant Life

6. How To Use Plant-Based Nutrition To Heal The Gut Microbiome

7. How To Identify The Common Native Trees of North America

8. Rewilding Your Community: How To Host Tree Planting Events

9. The Tree of Life: Mythical Trees In World Mythology


4. Eco-Mindfulness

Eco-mindfulness involves a variety of conscious breathing, embodied movement and flow triggers for grounding yourself in the "felt presence" of your immediate experience.
It involves tuning your senses into your environment and go beyond the limitations of the analytical mind so you can learn better through new experiences.
It's a great way to meditate and reconnect when you're outside exploring in nature.

1. The Quadrivium: Training Your Senses Through Awe and Wonder

2. Why Study Fractals? The Fundamental Pattern of Life

3. Sacred Numbers: Exploring The Hidden Dimensions of Sentience and Consciousness

4. Sacred Geometry: Decoding The Secret Patterns of Nature

5. Sacred Astronomy: Exploring The Magic Of The Night Sky

6. Sacred Music: The Immersive Flow Of Waves, Vibration and Frequencies

5. Meditation Techniques

Learn meditation techniques for relaxing the mind, tuning into your feelings and training your ability to pay attention.
We go in-depth into practices for organically exploring your consciousness across the major states of consciousness: normal waking consciousness, flow consciousness, the dream state and deep sleep.
You will learn a variety of meditation and breathwork techniques that help to sync your body and mind.

1. Why A Daily Meditation Meditation Practice Is So Important For Life

2. How To Build A Meditation Habit That Sticks

3. Consciousness Hacking: Normal Waking, Flow States and The Dream State

4. How To Learn Mindfulness Meditation

5. How To Learn Vedic Breathwork Practices From Pranayama

6. Walking Meditation and Sensory Immersion Triggers

7. Developing A Forest Meditation Ritual

6. Embodied Movement

Learn how to use embodied movement methods to help the body relax and let go of tension and trauma.
Develop an understanding of how to use embodied movement to heal neck and back strain from bad posture and using laptops and smartphones.
Help people stay fit without going to the gym by teaching embodied movement practices outside in nature.

1. The Simple 2-Part Foundational Practice Of Qi Gong

2. Earthing: Applying The Science of Grounding In Your Life

3. Optimal Health Through Walking 10,000 Steps A Day

4. Quantified Self: Smart Watches, Wearable EEG Headsets and Heart Rate Variability Training

5. Flow Zone: Workout Anywhere With High Intensity Interal Training

6. Ergonomics: How To Stop Killing Your Neck And Power Back With Bad Laptops and Smartphone Posture

7. Adventure Sports: How To Use Gamification To Achieve Flow In Nature

7. Regenerative Culture

Learn how to rebuild a regenerative culture in your community through collective projects like tree planting, permaculture, food forests and mycoremeditation.
We also cover the Quadrivium, which involves developing the senses and understanding the sacred design of the world through arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.
Develop your perceptual and experience the interconnectedness of all life by understanding the sacred geometry and archetypical patterns found throughout nature and the cosmos.

1. Permaculture: A Regenerative Ecology Learning Guide

2. Food Forests: A Regenerative Ecology Learning Guide

3. Tree Planting: A Regenerative Ecology Learning Guide

4. Sustainable Living: How To Simplify Your Life And Free Yourself From Time Poverty

5. The Living Universe: A Holistic View of Consciousness and Interbeing

6.  Reconciliation: Understanding The Western Mindset vs The Indigenous Mindset

7. 500 Nations: Studying The Untold Indigenous Stories of New World

Browse Our Growing Library of Educational Webinars

We regularly add new educational webinars. Here are some of our recent webinars added to our online webinar library.

1.Citizen Scientist and D.I.Y. Naturalist Training

2. Foraging For Wild Edible and Medicinals Plants In The Forest

3. Foraging For Choice Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms In The Forest

4. Flow Triggers: Achieving Focused States of Immersion

5. Growing Medicinal Mushrooms In Your Backyard and Inside

6. Ekstasis: Lost Ancient Wisdom, Mystery Rites and The History of Consciousness Exploration

Learn Outside In The Forest

If you're invested in learning ecology and teaching it in your community then we will connect you with the people, knowledge and resources you need to thrive.

We are huge believers in not doing things alone but in relationship with other like-minded people.

That's what a tribe is, a community based around shared values, driven by a mission, and motivated by an inspiring vision of the future that can be built together.

We make the effort to match every participant in our online program with an accountability partner so you have someone else in the program to hold you accountable to building habits that stick and hosting your first nature workshop experiences in the forest.

Our experiential learning modules and habit formation frameworks are designed to help you build the knowledge and expertise you need to confidently teach outside by developing great stories and dynamic eco-mindfulness practices you can share with your community.

If you're committed to learning and sharing ecological knowledge with your community, we are here to support you along your journey.

Whether you want to teach this knowledge in your community or just share within your family, you will have support through email and chat along your experiential learning journey.

Develop Your Eco-Mindfulness

Join our learning community and commit yourself to developing the mindful habits and ecological knowledge you need to thrive in challenging times.




Get started with our training for Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushroom Ecology:

10 Most Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms For Improving Human Health and Vitality

Action Guides For Growing Mushrooms Indoors and Outdoors

Mushroom Identification Guides For Each Season

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Habit Design Frameworks For Building Keystone Habits

Plant Intelligence For Better Health and Sustainability

Eco-Mindfulness Training and Meditation Techniques

Embodied Movement For Better Health and Resilience

Building a Regenerative Culture In Your Community

Helpful Support Through Email and Chat

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Develop Your Eco-Mindfulness

Learn your local ecology, develop eco-mindfulness practices and build new habits that reconnect your life with the the creative flow of natural rhythms.


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