Rewild Yourself

Explore your perception by expanding your sensory awareness through embodied meditation practices while studying wild plants, medicinal mushrooms, and the healing power of nature connection.

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Rewilding Yourself: The Healing Power of Nature

Discover how nature can heal us and why learning from nature can help us grow and thrive in challenging times.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn you can rewild and heal your mind, body, and spirit while connecting people in your community with the ecology of Planet Earth.


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Learning Through All Your Senses

Open your eyes to a fresh world of awe and wonder. Develop a new way of seeing and living in balance by studying the unifying patterns and ecological design of the natural world.

Today, we are not just facing a social, economic, and ecological crisis, but also a spiritual crisis of meaning and alienation from nature.  

The dominance of reductionism science in our culture has resulted in the development of technology used to mindlessly dominate and separate us from nature rather than help us live in mindful balance as active participants in our planetary ecology.

Fortunately, there is an emerging holistic, ecological worldview that can re-balance the modern worldview with the ancient worldview of humanity that we are part of the interconnected web of life. 

Animist Ecology has evolved from the last 4 years of teaching wild ecology and forest meditation workshops and nature retreats.

It is an online learning platform designed to facilitate experiential learning experiences of wild ecology and studying the art of nature through all our senses.

How Animist Ecology Works

Our self-directed learning curriculum guides you through the process of developing deeper ecological awareness and building habits that stick.

Video Modules

Watch step-by-step videos that guide though the process of designing tiny habits that stick.

Discussion Forums

Get access to our new discussion forums to ask questions and share with other members.

Online Support

You can also get your questions answered with friendly support through email and online chat.

Habit Frameworks

Complete habit design assessments to follow proven frameworks for growing new habits.

Learn Anywhere

Use your smartphone as a learning tool and citizen science platform when you're outside exploring.


Join our monthly webinars where we explore deeper into seasonal changes in plants and fungi.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is a storyteller, digital educator and adventure guide from Vancouver. He has been designing and leading experiential learning adventures, nature retreats, and group meditation circles through Animist Ecology since 2015.

He has spent the last decade travelling the world in the winters studying with ecology teachers and exploring the ancient history and wisdom traditions of Planet Earth.


The Learning Curriculum:

Our online learning curriculum is always evolving with new content added each month. Learn at your own pace through 10 video-driven learning modules

#1 Habit Design

Follow a proven habit design framework to design habits that stick and create daily rituals that help you stay focused, creative, and self-motivated.

#2 Motivation and Purpose

Get clarity about what intrinsically motivates you and develop stronger passion and purpose for developing your gifts and serving your community.

#3 Meditation Practices

Learn a variety of meditation techniques to see what kind works best for your personality to integrate the daily practice of meditation into your life.

#4 Gut Microbiome

Heal your inner gut ecosystem by adding more fermented foods and natural adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that increase your energy and vitality.

#5 Consciousness Hacking

Expand your awareness and explore your different states of consciousness: normal waking consciousness, flow consciousness and deep sleep. 

#6 Sacred Geometry

Study the art of sacred geometry and how the unifying patterns of nature reflect a creative intelligence that creates beauty and symmetry in the world.

#7 Wild Ecology

Follow experiential learning adventure for identifying wild edible plants and medicinal mushrooms growing in your local forests.

#8 Embodied Movement

Learn embodied movement practices that connect your mind and body to offset the negative effects of today's sedentary lifestyle.

#9 Regenerative Culture

Learn from ecological changemakers who are living in nature connected ways and build your own ecological projects in your community.

Recent Educational Webinars

Learn about ecology and healing plants and mushrooms in each season and learn practices to rewild yourself through our monthly educational webinar series that you can watch live or in our webinar library anytime.

1. Rewild Yourself: The Healing Power of Nature Connection

2. Foraging The Wild Edible and Healing Plants of Spring

3. Foraging The Choice Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of Spring

4. Flow Triggers: Habits For Achieving Focused States of Immersion

5. Next Webinar: Growing Medicinal Mushrooms In Your Backyard and Inside

Student Testimonials:

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Step-By-Step Videos

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Rewild Yourself

Study the art of nature by expanding your senses through embodied meditation practices while also discovering wild plants, medicinal mushrooms, and the healing power of deep nature connection.


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Learn how we can heal the modern world's epidemic of anxiety and disconnection by healing the mind, body, spirit, tribe and Planet.