The Way of Eco-Mindfulness:
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Shift out of compulsive thinking patterns into a state of mindful presence and offset the negative effects of sitting all day with the practice of effortless walking meditation.

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Let Go Of Conditioned Thinking Patterns By Tuning Into "Felt Presence" of Your Immediate Sensory Experience

The practice of mindfulness has become crucial to navigate today's hyper-stimulating 24/7 world of hypnotic screens, information overload and mindless distraction.

However, it's also becoming much more important at this time of growing ecological crisis that we connect our daily spiritual practices to the living, breathing world around us.

Developing ecological awareness of our interconnection with the more-than-human world is necessary to understand the collective myopia that only serves the short-term needs, comfort and rights of human beings.

In a bewildering time when the average person spends close to 95% of their time indoors, we desperately need to break free from the chains of sedentary living if we want to let go of the overthinking, hyper-stimulation and restlessness that characterizes the modern existential crisis.

This live online training program will cover foundational mindful breathing and nature connection practices for learning to relax naturally without external substances and screens while cultivating a deeper sense of ecological awareness and kinship with the more-than-human world.

We will start off by looking at the science of how mindfulness and different breathing patterns help us go beyond and conceptualization to fully relax and a balanced state of coherence in our autonomic nervous system

You will gain an understanding of how your autonomic nervous system works (ANS) and how you can use the breath to control the two key activations of the ANS

1. The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), often called the stress response and what we use to stay alert, focused and navigate through the stress and challenge of a busy work day.

2. The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), often called the relaxation response where we quiet the mind and feel present and relaxed so we can recharge and reconnect.

This series of live training workshops will also cover how the science of how the vagus nerve influences the functioning of the ANS and connects all your major organs to the crucial brain-heart-gut axis.

Pioneering research in the last decade has found that improving vagal tone through mindful breathing and embodied connection practices is a crucial antidote to the high levels of stress, anxiety and burnout of 21st century life.

We live in a busy and chaotic world where the stress response becomes over-activated and we need to build habits and rituals to fully unplug and allow our body to recharge, sleep deeply and shake off tension.

At the end of this live workshop, you will have learned foundational mindful breathing patterns and nature connection practices that can significantly improve your vagal tone and facilitate a more harmonious state of heart-mind coherence and psycho-spiritual integration.

How This 4-Week Online Eco-Mindfulness Training Works

Learn mindful awareness, breathwork and nature connection practices.

Reduce your stress and boost your energy by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the year and spending more time outside by making it fun with walking meditation.

How Eco-Mindfulness Training helps you:

  • Cultivate self-awareness
  • Feel a stronger connection to the Earth and a deeper sense of belonging
  • Change habitual reactivity patterns and de-stress your nervous system
  • Deepen your mindfulness and nature connections practices
  • No prior meditation experience required - great for beginners and advanced meditators alike

Here's how this program works:

1. 4 weeks of live 90 minute instructor-led interactive group sessions over Zoom

2. Learn how to practice visualization, breathwork and meditation practices correctly and how to effortlessly integrate them into your daily routine.

3. Easily integrate experiential learning into your day with downloaded audio eco-mindfulness sessions for mastering walking meditation, expanding your awareness, mindful breathing and nature connection practices.

4. Get access to the live workshop replays to refer back to at anytime in the future.


What You Will Learn In This Live Eco-Mindfulness Training Workshop

Eco-Mindfulness Training involves harnessing the spirit of your breath to release yourself from compulsive thinking and tune your senses into then natural world so you can deepen your ecological awareness.

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1. Getting Out Of Your Head By Shifting Into Felt Presence And Embodied Flow

Earth meditation involves rooting yourself in the earth with embodied breathing that you can do standing up or sitting down on a bench, rock or chair outside.

We can also ground ourselves to Earth by spending more time barefoot with our feet and hands in the dirt, growing our own micro-greens or medicinal mushrooms and taking adaptogenic herbs that help to balance our nervous system.

Elemental earth practices involve rooting yourself in the land by developing an ecological awareness of the more-than-human world by starting to identify the important species of mushrooms, plants, trees, birds and animals that you share the land with.

Earth Element
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2. Relax Your Mind And Tune Into Your Senses With Mindful Breathing

Air meditation involves re-training the breathing rhythm to be slower, more rhythmic and through the nose when we are both awaken and sleeping.

Stress and the busy modern lifestyle causes shallow breathing and mouth breathing can overstimulate the body and lead to long-term health problems such as insomnia, high blood pressure and depression.

Elemental air practices involve breathing fresh air at its source by spending more time in the forest and learning forest breathing to tune into aliveness of plants and trees, the most peaceful and rooted of all living beings.

Air Element
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3. Wake Up In The Dream With Conscious And Lucid Dreaming

Water meditation involves wakeful sleep where you can consciously dream and fully recharge your body.

You will learn a practice called Yoga Nidra, which involves entering a trance-like state where you can explore your mind while recharging and let go of stress and tension you are holding in your body.

Elemental water connection practices involve visiting local sacred water places to connect and immerse yourself in the sounds of the flowing water at local springs, beaches, streams and waterfalls.

Water Element
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4. Using Trance States For Deeper Awareness, Intuition And Insight

Fire meditation involves rapid breathing that charges up the inner fire in the body. It is a powerful way to energize the body and focus the mind. 

Combine with breath holds, it's can help improve the oxygenation of the body at the cellular level through a well-studied process called intermittent hypoxia training.

Elemental fire practices involves spending more time walking outside feeling the sun on your skin and learning to harmonize your natural circadian rhythm with small habits that can reverse the negative effects of the hypnotic and highly stimulating "blue light" of screens that tricks the body by simulating the light of the sun.

Kyle Pearce

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce first discovered Mindfulness Training when he took Jon Kabat-Zinn's program while struggling with depression and seasonal affective disorder while studying at University of British Columbia.

Mindfulness has become an important part of his daily practice and he has spent time meditating for long periods of time in Buddhist monasteries in Canada and South East Asia.

He began practicing Eco-Mindfulness when inspired by learning from animistic forest monks in Thailand and developed this ecological form of mindfulness while running educational nature retreats all over the world.

He has been teaching visualization, breathwork and meditation to busy tech and creative professionals for the last 7 years through his online education company DIY Genius.


Change Your Mind With Your Breath And Enrich Your Daily Sensory Experience

The cure for the modern condition is restoring our relationship and connection with nature and developing a kindred, compassionate spirit with the more-than-the-world.

Join The Way of Eco-Mindfulness Training Program

Next 4-Week Mindfulness Training Cohort Starts December 7th

Spend more time unplugged in the forest and start building the conscious breathwork and nature connection habits that help you relax your mind and recharge your body.

Be apart of the 4-weeks of live workshop on Zoom will cover the foundational principles of mindfulness and how breathing can help calm and balance the autonomic nervous system so you can improve your focus and recharge better from your daily activities.

Simple mindful breathing practices and nature connection habits provide a powerful antidote to the overthinking, hyper-stimulation and sedentary lifestyle characteristic of 21st century living.

Follow a natural path for cultivating presence and living in closer harmony and balance with nature rhythms.

4-Week Eco-Mindfulness Training



  • Live Instructor-led workshops on Zoom + Video With Replays To Review Later
  • 90 Minutes of Mindful Breathing + Nature Connection Practices
  • Weekly Check-Ins And Question + Answer Sessions
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