A New Story of Gaian Ecology and Human-Nature Connection

Join us for The Ecological Changemakers Summit, a perception-shifting 4-day free online virtual summit for those who want to help grow a regenerative culture.









20 speakers. 4 days. 2,000+ ecologically changemakers. Join now and participate for free from anywhere.

Learn from some of the most influential voices and ecological teachers who are shaping a more holistic, ecological worldview of our place in nature.

A Virtual Summit

Participate in our online discussion forum and watch the virtual summit live from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

20 Inspiring Speakers

Interviews with some of the world's leading authors and teachers of ecological knowledge. Got any suggestion? Please let us know.

June 1st-4th, 2019

The Ecological Changemakers Summit is taking place from Saturday, June 1st to Tuesday, June 4th, 2019.

Join The Ecological Changemakers Summit Community

Shift your perception and develop your ecological worldview by joining the Ecological Changemakers Summit. It will be streaming freely online from Saturday, June 1st - Tuesday, June 4th, 2019.

A Different Theme For Each Day of the Virtual Summit

Day #1: Sacred Ecology

How we can heal our alienation from nature and developing a new vision of our place in nature.

Day #2: Ecological Awareness

Learning from nature and building an ecological relationship with plants, fungi, trees and animals in the web of life.

Day #3: Regenerative Culture

A solution-focused way of responding to the ecological crisis by building grassroots eco-communities that mobilize collective action.

Day #4: Building Your Tribe

Finding the other likeminded people with similar values that want to live a more connected way of life in balance with nature.

Learn From Some Of The World's Most Interesting Ecological Teachers

LearnĀ about the interconnected magic of ecology, the power of storytelling to spread ideas and how to build stronger communities that can solve the heal the crisis of ecological disconnection in the world.

Experience an optimistic and hopeful vision of the future when we rediscover ancient knowledge, reconnect with the power of our human senses and shift our relationship toward achieving a sustainable harmony with the living beings around us.

We are storytelling animals but the modern world is dominated by the relentless analytical mind and scientific materialism offers us no great story, nothing transcendence, no higher purpose and a lack of joyful enchantment.

This has lead to an epidemic of boredom, depression, anxiety, and a general lack of meaning and alienation from nature that permeates modern culture. We can change this by collectively participating in a new story of ecological consciousness and nature-connected living.

Come learn about reverse the negative effects of domestication by rewilding ourselves and restoring a more intimate connection in living relationship with the web of life from some of the world's leading nature-oriented teachers and authors.

Join our online community discussion forum and share your ecological projects and connect with ecologically-minded changemakers in your community and around the world.

What can you learn and why does it matter?

What you will come away with...

  • Learn practices to explore the magic and mystery of nature's patterns and unifying elements that surround you and develop a deeper sense of place and rootedness in the land.
  • Discover how you can use the power of biomimicry to model sustainable biodiversity and learn about mycelium, the fungal "Internet of nature" that connect everything in the soil and how it can restore nutrient-rich soil and thriving ecosystem.
  • Learn about the modern world's repression of your senses and feelings and how you can live a more embodied and present life so you can share your gifts and live in balance with nature.
  • How to awaken and nurture your "sixth sense", the embodied sense of awe and wonder so you can feel more connected to nature and expand you appreciation and gratitude for the mysteries of life.
  • How smartphones have rewired most of our brains for continuous partial attention and how applying flow psychology can help immerse ourselves deeper in our activities in nature.
  • Learn all about different ways of perception and the rise of a new ecological worldview where we live in deeper connection with the living spirit of Mother Nature. 

Today's globalized consumerism system wants us to be alienated spectators that consume culture, rather than active creative participants in our planetary ecology. Let's change that!

Join us at this 4-day Ecological Changemakers Virtual Summit. Sign up to get full details as participating educators are announced and get all interviews and talks each day of the Summit on Saturday, June 1st - Tuesday, June 4th, 2019.

Join our community and get instant access to our new discussion forum where you can share your ecological projects and connect with ecologically-minded changemakers around the world.

Join Us At The Ecological Changemakers Summit Community

Shift your perception and develop a more holistic, ecological worldview by attending the Ecological Changemakers Summit, streaming freely online from Saturday, June 1st - Tuesday, June 4th, 2019.


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