Transforming The Human-Nature Relationship

Learn from interviews with ecological leaders on the cutting edge of building a regenerative culture and improving the human-nature relationship.

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The Eco Changemakers Summit was weekend long virtual summit that happened on June 15th-16th of 2019.

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Learn from some of the world's leading authors and teachers of ecological knowledge. 

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The next virtual summit will be happening on the weekend of June 18-19 in 2020.

Eco Changemakers Virtual Summit:

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1. John Vervaeke

Professor of Consciousness and Wisdom Studies at University of Toronto

The Crisis of Meaning and Consciousness In The Modern World

2. Jacqui Wilkins

Indigenous Plant Medicine at Pachamama Medicines 

Indigenous Plant Medicine, Earth Wisdom and Ancestral Teachings

3. Steven Kotler

Best-Selling Author and Founder of Flow Research Collective

Flow and The Frontiers of Eco-Psychology, Environmentalism and Animal Rights

4. Chris Gilmore

Wilderness Survival Expert at Changing Worlds

The Forgotten Language of Nature

5. Jeffrey Amstrong

Western Master of Eastern Wisdom

Yoga, Sustainability, Ayurveda and The Vedic Library of Knowledge

6. Oliver Merivee

Cofounder of Fungi Academy

Mushroom Cultivation and How Fungi Can Save The Planet

7. Laura Gilmour

Forager, Herbalist and Founder at Wild Muskoka

Building Relationships With Plants and Mushrooms Through Ethical Wild Foraging

8. Marc Angelo Coppola

Storyteller and Permaculture Farmer at Valhalla Project.

Storytelling, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship and Eco Communities


9. Nikki Satira

Nature Connection Educator at The P.I.N.E. Project

Teaching Confidence, Problem Solving and Resilience Through Nature Connection


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