Jeffrey Armstrong: Sustainability, Ayurvedic Living, Yoga and The Vedas

About Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeffrey (Kavindra Rishi) has studied Vedic knowledge for over forty years and has explored the depths of many of the greatest teachings of India.

He is a Westerner who has been selected by Hindu leaders throughout the world to act as a spokesperson in the Western world for Hindu Dharma and culture.

He runs the Vedic Academy of Science and Arts.


1. An Introduction to the Vedas

Discover the fascinating history of ancient India and how The Vedas and Sanskrit have had a profound influence on the development of modern science, eastern philosophy and western philosophical traditions.

2. How Can We Create A Sustainable Civilization?

Jeffrey talks about the world’s addiction to non-renewable fossil fuels and how we use this energy to live beyond our means. He also talks about what a solution would look like that would bring us into a more sustainable balance with nature.

3. An Ayurvedic Perspective on Food, Sustainability and Vegetarianism

Ayurveda is the part of the Vedas concerning food, a healthy diet and optimal well-being. The Ayurvedic perspective on food and healthy eating is focused on preventative medicine, in contrast to Western allopathic medicine, which is more focused on fixing problems and diseases when they occur.

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