Druid Ecology Retreat: Unplug, Reset and Reconnect

Friday, June 12th to Sunday, June 14th, 2020.

Druid Ecology Retreat in Anglesey and Snowdonia National Park

Expand your ecological awareness, explore your interconnectedness with other living species and develop a stronger connection with nature in one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles.

Learn about plant intelligence, how fungi mycelium interconnects the web of life in the soil and reconnecting with the living, breathing intelligence of Mother Earth.

On this weekend retreat on Anglesey Isle on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park, we will explore the living intelligence all around us through the lens of the analytical mind and learn about what's happening right now on the frontiers of ecology and biological sciences.

We will combine this knowledge with a more ancient way of perception and knowing through direct sensory experience that goes beyond the compulsive labelling, biases and pre-conceptions of analytical thinking and human language.

If you are interested in cultivating a stronger connection to the rhythms of nature and the perceptual intelligence of your heart, this ecology learning immersion will help you develop a more heartfelt connection to the land, birds and wildlife.

At this retreat you will learn all about the history of the mysterious ancient priesthood of the British Isles known as the Druids on the islands where they made their last stand against the invading armies of Rome.

We will explore ancient archeological sites on Angelsey and Holy Isle and climb Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales.

Learn the natural history of Snowdonia National Park and explore your senses through forest bathing and sensory meditation practices that help you quiet the chattering of your analytical mind while reconnecting you with the living, breathing land around you.

Join us and participate in a group conversation around reconnecting to nature and building a regenerative culture in the British Isles that can heal our relationship to Mother Earth.

Learn More About The History of the Druids, Anglesey Isle and Snowdonia

Browse our learning guides below to discover more about the land where this nature retreat is held.

Day 1: Climbing Snowdon in Snowdonia National Park

Will make a pilgrimage to Snowdon, the highest point in the British Isles outside of the Scottish Highlands. It offers sweeping views of the surrounding lands of Snowdonia National Park.

On the morning of the first day we will rise early and spend the day exploring the natural wonders of Snowdonia National Park.

We will climb the legendary Snowdon, which at 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) is the highest peak in the British Isles outside of the Scottish Highlands. 

The rocks that form Snowdon were produced by volcanoes in the Ordovician period more than 443 million years ago, and the massif has been extensively sculpted by glaciation, forming the pyramidal peak of Snowdon and the sharp mountain ridges of Crib Goch and Y Lliwedd.

The name Snowdon is from the Old English for "snow hill", while the Welsh name – Yr Wyddfa – means "the tumulus" or "the barrow", which may refer to the cairn thrown over the legendary giant Rhitta Gawr after his defeat by King Arthur. As well as other mythological figures from the Arthurian legend, the mountain and its lakes are linked to the legendary Afanc (water monster) and the Tylwyth Teg (forest fairies).

Hiking shoes or boots are required and a high level of fitness for this hike. We will also be hiking some other magnificent trails in Snowdonia National Park.

Along the journey, you will learn in-depth knowledge about forest ecology, mycelium and nature's intelligence, which can change how you experience nature on your future adventures.

You will also get an introduction to Flow Psychology, which is the psychology of optimal experience and the study of how we feel and perform our best.

Flow Psychology can be used to create regular rituals to fully unplug yourself from distracting and highly addictive smartphones so you can bring your full attention to the "felt presence" of your immediate experience and tune your senses into the natural world around you.

Here are some key takeaway you will receive from studying the ecology of Snowdonia National Park:

1. Knowledge of how to start identifying and cataloging the edible wild plants and medicinal mushrooms you discover.

2. A detailed visual guide to the Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants of the British Isles.

3. A detailed visual guided to the Wild Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of the British Isles. 

4. An introduction to animistic perception, sensory immersion meditation and flow psychology to bring your full attention to the "felt presence" of your immediate sensory experience.

5. Deeper knowledge about Druidry and the natural history, archaeological sites, sacred places and ancient history of the British Isles.

You will come away with a fresh way of seeing your place in nature and you will have the opportunity to tell your stories in a group conversation and make new friends that share your love for nature.

Day 2: Exploring The Ancient History and Archeological Sites of Anglesey and Holy Island

Learn about the ecological relationship that the ancient Druids had with the land and how it could help save the British Isles from the looming climate catastrophe.

We will spend the day visiting spectacular beaches, lookouts and ancient archeological sites to learn about the ancient history and ecological worldview of the ancient oral storytelling cultures of the British Isles.

Learn the history of the Druids, the crucial role they played in the ancient Celtic cultures and why they revered ancient trees, caves, oak forest groves, mountains and natural springs.

Here is some of what you will learn about on the second day of this educational nature retreat:

The Ogham Stones: The ancient language of the Celtic peoples is based upon trees and encoded in Ogham Stones that are found across Cornwall, Wales, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Ireland.

Rewilding the British Isles: Less than 20% of Britain's forests remain, one of the lowest densities of trees in Europe. Learn how rewilding and restoring the forests of the British Isles can improve the health of the people and the long-term viability of this land.

The Genius Loci: Discover how the Druids and other ancient cultures believed in a spirit of place, what the ancient Greeks called the Genius Loci, where every mountain, spring, forest, river, wetland and rocky outcrop had a distinct spirit that could enliven people's hearts and awaken a deeper sense of awe and wonder.

Sacred Places: Throughout the British Isles and the world are sacred spaces often separated from the ordinary world by ritual. They are found around natural springs, sacred forest groves, mountains and lakes. We'll explore what attracts us to natural places to reconnect and reset and why we feel more alive in wild landscapes.

Heartfelt Awareness: The modern culture has caused many people to become robot-like, addicted to compulsive thinking and disconnected from the intuitive and sensual intelligence of the heart. The result is kind of heartless and soulless existence that is destroying the Planet in the name of instant gratification and consumerism. We'll explore how each of us can spread kindness and more heartfelt connection in this world.

Mindful Awareness: Learn how to vigilantly observe your thinking mind and let go of attachment to thoughts, labels and judgements so you can heighten the power of your senses to feel deeper the "felt presence" of your immediate experience.

Oral Storytelling: Learn why the Druids were prevented by doctrine from recording their knowledge in written form and why animistic cultures create a felt connection with the land and frown upon alienating abstractions.

Ancient Mythologies: Learn how ancient peoples passed down their mythologies and stories from generation-to-generation for thousands of years without writing them down.

About The Guide

Kyle Pearce is from Vancouver, British Columbia and he has been designing and leading experiential learning adventures, nature immersion retreats, and forest ecology workshops through Animist Ecology since 2015.

He studied ancient and modern history at the University of Victoria and has spent the last decade traveling the world studying ancient civilizations, ecology and meditation with teachers from around the world. 

For the last 7 years, he has run an online learning website called DIY Genius where he teaches people how to design their own education and develop their focus, creativity and self-motivation using Flow Psychology.

He is passionate about experiential learning and taking learning beyond books, tests and lectures and back into the forest where people can learn through direct experience, group conversation and storytelling.

Food, Accomodations and Getting To Anglesey Island

Food, accommodations and transportation during the retreat are included.

We will be staying in a magnificent 17th Century Hall on the Isle of Anglesey, a short walk from Holy Isle. Rooms each have two single beds and you will share the room with 1 other person of the same gender.

Plant-based meals will be provided. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restriction.

Meals will be provided on Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sunday (breakfast and lunch).

For transportation to Anglesey Isle, the cheapest way is to get the train to Anglesey. From London, train passes start at £50, and the quickest way by train takes just 4¼ hours.

On the Friday, you can catch one of the five trains leaving London Euston direct for Holyhead, though you can increase your choice if you change at Crewe.

We can pick you up at the Holyhead Train Station before 9 p.m. on the Friday evening.

For international travellers to Britain, the fastest way to get here is to fly into Dublin's airport and take the Holyhead Dublin ferry from the city.

At the retreat, transportation will be provided around Anglesey and Holy Island and to Snowdonia National Park.

Retreat participants will be arriving on the Friday evening, we will start with a breathwork ritual around the giant fireplace in the evening around 9 p.m.

On the Sunday evening, we can drop you off at the ferry or train station at 6 p.m. to return to the city.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Druid Ecology Retreat

Snowdonia National Park Hiking

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British Pounds (£)

Druid Ecology Retreat

Snowdonia National Park Hiking

2 Nights Accommodation on Anglesey Isle

5 Plant-Based Meals

Transportation During The Retreat


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