Breathe In The Forest

Learn sensory immersion meditation practices for stepping into a state of immersive awareness and flow while walking in the forest.

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Experiential Learning

Learn through all your senses in nature and create powerful stories that make your experiences more memorable.

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Regenerative Ecology

Explore the human-nature relationship and the interconnected ecology of the world's forest ecosystems.

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Community Building

Live more sustainably by understanding your local ecology and sharing resources with your community.

1. The Eco-Mindfulness Guide

Learn 10 foundational eco-mindfulness habits and the 7 ways nature connection has been shown by research to heal the mind and body.

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2. Adventure Ecotourism Portal

Explore some of the world's best biodiversity hotspots with our adventure travel and ecotourism guides for Western Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Panama.

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3. Educational Nature Guides

Learn about eco-mindfulness, nature therapy, nature connection experiences, the kingdom of fungi and the importance of rewilding the forests of Planet Earth.

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4. Animist Nature Retreats

We're back doing regular nature retreats in 2021! Our next educational retreat is in Sintra, Portugal exploring ancient mystery traditions and the history of this sacred place of pilgrimage and ritual on the edge of Western Europe.

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