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Explore Your Senses With Eco-Mindfulness

Experience the living, breathing Earth through all of your senses and study the interconnected ecology of trees, plants, and fungi.

Learn Eco-Mindfulness

Experiential Learning

Learn through all your senses in nature and create powerful stories that make your experiences memorable.

Forest Ecology

Explore the interconnected ecology of plants, trees, fungi, birds and wildlife in the forest that's essential for biodiversity.

Regenerative Culture

Reconnect yourself, your family and your community with regenerative cultural and ecological practices that foster self-reliance.

1. Eco-Mindfulness Retreats

Join our next group learning experience and learn about the tropical ecology of birds, plants, trees, mushrooms and wildlife in the jungles of Panama.

Explore The Retreat

2. Rewilding Yourself Webinar

Watch our new 30-minute webinar on habits and rituals you can build to "rewild" the way you experience the world and develop ecological knowledge that can help your community.

Watch The Webinar

3. Earth Wisdom Guides

Browse our growing collection of visual guides for learning about animistic philosophy, ancient history and the interconnected ecology of Planet Earth.

Browse The Guides

4. Learn Eco-Mindfulness

Experience a world of awe and wonder beyond the limitations of language and thinking while learning the interconnected ecology of your land.

Join The Tribe

Our Story

How Animist Ecology began in the rainforests of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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