Rewild Your Senses With Eco-Mindfulness

Rewild your senses and experience the magic of your interconnection with the natural world through sensory immersion learning experiences.

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Experiential Learning

Learn through all your senses in nature and create powerful stories that make your experiences more memorable.

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Wild Ecology

Explore the human-nature relationship and the interconnected ecology of the world's forest ecosystems.

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Regenerative Culture

Live more sustainably by understanding your local ecology and sharing resources with your community.

Adventure Ecotourism Guides

Explore some of the world's best biodiversity hotspots with our adventure travel and ecotourism guides for Western Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Panama.

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Educational Nature Guides

Learn about eco-mindfulness, nature therapy, nature connection experiences, the kingdom of fungi and the importance of rewilding the forests of Planet Earth.

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Our Educational Programs

We host educational nature retreats each season and have an online eco-mindfulness training program for those who want to learn their local ecology, study sustainable living and live a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

The Eco-Mindfulness Experience

Join our next experiential learning retreat for cultivating eco-mindfulness in an off-the-grid eco village in the tropical rainforests of Panama.

The Eco-Mindfulness Experience
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The 5 Day Winter Eco-Mindfulness Challenge

Eco-mindfulness involves developing your senses and reconnecting with the seasonal rhythms of nature. Take our free day challenge for exploring your relationship with your local ecology.

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The Story of Animist Ecology

Our mission is to spread eco-mindfulness and empower a new generation of nature connection teachers who teach outside in the forest.

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