Build Rituals That Awaken Your Senses

Build daily rituals that relax and energize your mind and body through embodied movement and meditation practices to become less sedentary and more connected to nature.

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Design Flow Rituals That Have A Ripple Effect Across Your Life

Learn how to apply the science of behavioural design and flow psychology to build tiny habits and "flow" rituals that prime your mind and body so you can feel and perform your best consistently.


A Guide To Natural Highs

Explore 10 of the best habits to prime your mind, relax your body and tune your breath for high energy without relying on drugs or stimulants.

Choose from these simple practices to restore the imbalances caused by today's sedentary lifestyle and build daily rituals that make you come alive.

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Think Less and Enjoy Your Sensory Experience More

Learn to turn off your stress response, balance your nervous system, and harmonize your mind and body through the power of embodied breathing.

The English word “spirit” comes from the Latin “spiritus”, which means breath, as well as soul, courage, and vitality. In its ancient context it also meant air, wind and the spirit force of Mother Nature.

Breathing is the physical function that energizes our bodies and connects us to the living world around us. Developing consciousness of the flow of your breathing in your body leads to heightened awareness, which helps you relax the incessant chatter of the analytical mind and enjoy a richer sensory experience.

The first step is to learn how to breath slower and deeper by using conscious breathing practices to calm the mind, train your attention and feel more connected to your body and your senses.

In the Animist Ecology education program, you learn how to train the skill of mindful awareness and embodied breathing to harmonize your mind and body with the animating spirit of your breath.

You also learn how reversing today's global ecological crisis starts with shifting our perception and evolving our mindset by more carefully exploring our senses and developing a deeper relationship with other living beings and nature around us.

The purpose of the Animist Ecology is help you build the daily habits to fully activate the potential of your evolutionary biology and awaken your senses so you can feel and perform your best.

Learn how to design habits and rituals in your daily lifestyle by making small changes in your life that grow organically. See and feel the difference when you add better breathing, movement, relaxation, and nutrition rituals to your life.

How Animist Ecology Works

Choose from a wide variety of structured, do-it-yourself habit design modules and make yourself accountable by share your progress with the important people in your life.

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Watch step-by-step videos that guide though the process of designing daily habits that stick.

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Habit Frameworks

Complete habit design assessments to design each habit and commit yourself to forming tiny habits that grow.

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About The Instructor

My name is Kyle Pearce.  Ever since I was a child, the forest is the place where I have gone to explore my curiosity and recharge. This grew into a lifelong dedication to studying ecology, fungi mycelium, meditation and biomimicry in order to understand how I can natural principles in my life to live more happily and sustainably.

For the last 7 years, I've a self-directed learning community called DIY Genius helping people go beyond the traditional "rote learning" education model and design their own lifelong learning path by building a learning rituals where they can develop more autonomy, mastery and purpose in their lives.

In my training programs, I use flow psychology, behavioural design, and habit design principles to help people overcome their resistance to change so they can rapidly master new habits and skills.

I have spoken at conferences, startup incubators and digital bootcamps across North America, Latin America and Asia on the future of education, applying flow psychology in creative industries, and the importance self-directed learning in 21st-century knowledge economy.

I started Animist Ecology in the spring of 2015 by doing regular workshops and retreats that combined ecology, forest meditation, and the stories and mythologies of ancient history and ecosystems in Stanley Park near my home in Vancouver, Canada.

From these learning adventures in the forest, I developed online learning guides and do-it-yourself video education courses to help those who want to make the breathing and movement practices they learned become daily habits in their life.

This evolved into an online membership community to reach a wider audience beyond our ecology workshops and nature retreats.

Ritual #1 = A Daily Meditation Practice

Choose from different daily meditation techniques to see what method works best for you: mindfulness, rhythmic breathwork, box breathing, or a moving meditation that connects your mind and body.

1. The Daily Practice

Over 90% of people that learn to meditate don't stick with it because they don't start small enough to build a habit that sticks. Follow a 3-step habit formation process based on behavioral psychology to form a meditation practice that will stick in your daily routine.

2. Full Body Breathing

Learn to turn off the stress response of your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) that today's busy, sedentary culture chronically activates. Put yourself in a state of relaxation, anytime and anywhere, through rhythmic breathing that slows and deepens breathing.

3. Sensory Immersion Meditation

Learn sensory immersion meditation and forest bathing techniques that you can apply while walking in any park or natural outdoor setting to build a regular forest ritual that will make you enrich your sensory experience and feel more rooted in the wildness of nature.

Ritual #2 = A Daily Embodied Movement Practice

Choose from small exercise habits to add to your daily routine to build more natural movement into your lifestyle without having to workout in a gym.

1. The World Is Your Gym

Learn how to get in the best shape of your life by adding more movement in your day and make exercise something you enjoy by doing it outside and with close friends or family.

2. Ecological Awareness

Combine exercise with heightened insight into your natural surroundings by going on ecological awareness adventures where you learn to identify local plants, trees, fungi, and inspirational natural landmarks.

3. Qigong Moving Meditation

Qigong is ancient Chinese art of energy cultivation that supercharges the body's natural healing systems. Learn how simple Qigong practices can sync your mind and body while boost your body's natural self-healing ability.

Ritual #3 = An Evening Ritual To Get Deep Sleep

Build a daily routine that aligns with your natural circadian rhythm so you can achieve focused immersion in your daily activities (without stimulants) and still sleep deeply at night.

1. A Morning Energy Ritual

Develop a morning ritual that primes your day for high energy and an evening routine helps you unplug and wind down so you can relax before bed and get the high-quality sleep to wake up refreshed.

2. Understand Your Biological Clock

We have a different relationship with sleep depending our body's circadian rhythm. Understand the importance of your sleep chronotype and natural energy rhythm to build sleep habits that you work best for you by tracking your sleep cycles and gain insight into your daily activities that are decreasing the quality of your sleep.

3. Don't Let Screens Ruin Your Sleep

Create a consistent evening ritual to unplug from your screens and reduce blue light exposure that suppresses melatonin production that helps you fall and stay asleep. Follow 10 simple rules for ensuring you fall asleep easily and get enough cycles of deep, delta wave sleep each night.

Ritual #4 = Heal Your Gut Microbiome

There is an ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and enzymes in our gut microbiome that bacteria that's health and "biodiversity" is essential to our physical and mental health.

1. Your Gut Microbiome

Learn about the ground breaking research that has been down in the last decade into how gut health is so poor in the modern world and how you make small changes to your diet to increase healthy gut bacteria. 

2. Natural Highs

Learn how to increase your brain's two most important neurotransmitters naturally. Increase your dopamine to increase focus and self-motivation, and elevate your serotonin levels to increase mood and feel a deeper connection with other people.

3. Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind

Learn about the interconnection of the "gut brain" and how we think and feel. Then learn a simple embodied mindfulness and breathing practice to react less to anxiety and worries so you be more mindful in your relationship to food and let go of cravings for addictive foods with sugar in them.

“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

Study The Art of Nature

Also get access to my ecological learning guides for identifying mushrooms, establishing a forest ecology learning ritual and embodied learning through your senses in nature.

The way we breath, eat, sleep, and move is all connected to health and ecological balance of the land where we call home. Developing a deeper sense of "place" where you live is an essential part of physical and mental well-being.

The strongest feeling of awe and wonder that inspire action come from a deeper understanding of how relationship and interconnection with the other living, breathing beings.  The solutions to our planetary ecological crisis can be found through the study of this interconnectedness of nature and how plants, trees, animals and human beings have evolved in symbiosis for millions of years.

In the modern world, we desperately need to reconnect to ancestral traditions of the Earth that have been mostly forgotten. This is the knowledge we need to use our technological tools wisely to create a sustainable future.

Share your local projects, ideas and the changes you are building in your life and community through our growing Facebook Group.

As a member of Animist Ecology, you will access to our in-depth monthly webinars along with new ecology learning guides and ritual designs, which are added regularly.

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