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Plant And Mushroom

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What We Do


We facilitate experiential learning journeys that explore personal, collective and planetary well-being.

Discover how our most powerful self-transcendent emotions of awe, wonder and gratitude can lead us toward healthier, more inspired and harmonious lives.

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Forest Meditation Circle In Stanley Park
Microdosing Awe

Experience the magic of combining awe, flow, mindfulness and nature connection practices

Attend one of our interactive online workshops to learn about microdosing awe, learning in the flow state and making mindful walking an effortless part of your day.

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Reconnect with your true nature beyond thought through Eco-Mindfulness Training

Download our free guide to the Unitary Continuum of self-transcendent emotions and learn how to amplify these 7 powerful experiential states: flow, mindfulness, gratitude, love, awe, inspiration and peak experience.

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Ecological Mindfulness
Costa Rica Retreat

Unplug, connect with likeminded people and rewild your senses on an immersive retreat retreat.

Join us for a unique educational retreat experience where you can explore your true nature through embodied presence and mindful flow beyond the limiting judgements and labeling of analytical thought. Develop your ecological awareness of birds, animals, plants, mushrooms and forest ecology.

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